All ISDA 2021 Performances will be streamed online

ISDA 2021

ISDA 2021 is hosted by DU Players of Trinity College Dublin, and will be totally virtual. Our new website is our theatre. All shows will be streamed here and all of the information about the festival can be found at this very address.

The festival will run from 7th - 17th April 2021, and will include work from Trinity College Dublin, Maynooth University, National University of Ireland Galway, Queen's University Belfast, University College Cork, and University College Dublin.

This year we are introducing a curated gallery featuring work from young people across Ireland. The gallery will include but will not be limited to poetry, prose, visual art and theatrical installations. Submissions for the gallery are open to anyone aged 17-25 in Ireland regardless of student status, and to mature students.


ISDA 2021 is proudly supported by

the trinity alumni grant

The main source of income for the Trinity Alumni Grant comes from the Trinity Affinity Credit Card. With over 10,000 cardholders to date, a small percentage of the annual turnover on these cards is donated back to the Trust by the Bank of Ireland and used to fund grants. See more information about the Affinity Credit Card here.