Jim Culleton


ISDA 2021 aims to recognise and cater for the varying needs of each individual.

Requests can be made to access show files in advance of the shows, please contact our Festival Director Sophie Coote for more information: isda@duplayers.com


If you have any other questions about accessibility, please do not hesitate to contact Sophie.


Each production for ISDA 2021 will provide the option for audience members to turn captions on for each show. All the shows will be streaming through Vimeo. 

To turn on captions or subtitles when viewing a video on vimeo, click the CC button on the right hand side of the toolbar at the bottom of the screen. In the subsequent popup menu, select ‘English’ to turn on captions.


There will be content warnings upon purchasing of tickets, in the shows’ description and at the start of each performance where necessary. These warnings may include, but not be limited to; triggering themes, flashing lights and/or images. 


All of the ISDA events such as the Festival Opening and the Awards Evening will take place via Zoom Webinar and be streamed live through Vimeo. All of our events will be captioned.