Jilly McGrath

Production Shots

Jilly McGrath is an artist based in Dublin with a focus on film photography, music, and theatre-making. She has had the opportunity to photograph many productions and loves working with people who appreciate the medium of film photography and the risk involved (which is why she loves it). As a queer creative, she loves exploring ideas of authenticity and self-expression in her work.

The production shots in this gallery celebrate the minds and visions of the creators behind them, and were all taken whilst McGrath was a student at Trinity College Dublin. The productions photographed are: 

'Tess' directed by Signe Lury

'No Exit' directed by Natasha Duffy

'Spectres of Gorky' as part of the TCD Drama Department Second Year Show 2019

'Le Freak, or, You Simply Must Dance' as part of DU Players Fantasia Festival 

'Supermoon' directed by Martha Knight 

'CHARMS!' and 'Life is a Dream' directed by Doris de Vries

'Bent' directed by Hiram Harrington