The dance

By Kate Lynch

Mantle shed,
shoulder blades flex and soften,

delicate wings rattle,
bated breath,
heart beat a dull thud,
Rapping promptly. Loudly.
the imbedded metronome.




...begin... to dance .

Naked for a moment,

the beat softens
and yet,

it keeps score.

At first, dance softly,
through the motions
Each dancer dances a different turn.

Step into a rumba. A tango.


And for a brief moment fly,

then take off and soar!
In a realm that is not here.

and yet,


A story told by one but shaped together

Whatever the dance keep dancing.

Kate Lynch is a final year student at University ​College Dublin, and is an active member of UCD Dramsoc.

'The Dance' is a poem inspired by the magic of performance.