ISDA 2021 will run from 7th - 17th April. 

The festival will take place entirely online, and tickets will be available through Eventbrite.

All shows will be streamed at a designated time through Vimeo. 

For participating societies, the full festival guidelines are outlined below.



We are accepting all types of pre-recorded shows. Shows may be filmed in a theatre but there will be no 'live' streaming. All shows must be submitted as a video file. 


While the specific categories for judging will be further defined by the ISDA council, there are two wider categories by which we will differentiate between shows. These are as follows: One Shot Piece and Multishot Piece.


One Shot Pieces might be recorded on zoom, in a theatre or anywhere, but they will be visually straightforward. There can be edits to the footage but overall they would not qualify as a 'short film'.


Multishot Pieces might be short films, with multiple edits and/or artistic edits in post production. They may also be radio plays, with edited recording and/or sound design. See below for technical details. 


Below are examples of both categories from DU Players' 2020 festival Resilience. 


The Interview

Written & directed by Julia Appleby

Plottin’ Schemin’ Etc.

Written & directed by Emer Tyrrell




Directed & devised by

Gelsey Beavers-Damron


Written & directed by Medb Hurley




Each college is required to take care of the rights for the shows they submit. The shows will be ticketed to ensure the process of getting rights runs smoothly.

Vimeo has different copyright requirements to youtube. If you’re concerned that your show may have copyrighted music, please email to arrange a meeting to discuss further. 





On the weekend of the 13th/14th of March we will be hosting Pre-Production meetings with each college. A representative from each show, ideally the director, will attend. You will present us with the name of your shows, the run times and ask any questions you might have. We will do a virtual risk assessment with you and run through a content warning list. 

The same rules apply to any ISDA year in which the show that is presented to the festival should be the show that went up in the individual college during the semester. And also as per usual, any minor changes can be made if it does not affect the overall show and change it in an unrecognisable way. 




All show files should be sent to our technical team at by the 24th March 2021.

Colleges should send all files in .mp4 format to the email above via Google Drive.

The maximum file size is 3GB. 

If your performance looks as though it will go over 3GB we advise you to compress the show file. However if you believe this will affect the overall performance do not hesitate to send us an email to discuss other options.


Deadline for the submission of publicity graphics for your show is Sunday 21st March, 9pm. 

You must submit an instagram sized graphic (1080 x 1080 px) which includes the name of your show, the name of your society (logo or typed) and the ISDA 2021 logo, which will be sent out before the 14th March. 

Please send all graphics to Imo at 


Radio shows must be sent in .mp4 format so that they can be streamed alongside all of the other shows in the same way.


The file must have a video placeholder, which can be anything you wish. For example, a graphic of the show, images of the cast, or any specific visual that compliments the piece. 


If you have been asked by the ISDA committee to provide a content warning for your show, we ask the following:


Provide a title card before the performance clearly stating the content warning advised by the committee.


The title card should be kept up for at least five seconds before the performance begins.