this is the place

By Abby Cleaver

This is the place where
You can take a bunch of ripped up pieces

Stick them together
And create a even prettier picture

It is the place where it is
Totally acceptable to smash a mirror

Throw the shards together
And see a clearer reflection than before

Pour the brightest paints
Over your body because
Here you are a masterpiece
Who makes everything you touch a work of art

Run your fingers along the walls

Leave fingerprints of your existence

In every single spot
For everyone to see

Say words out loud and hear them

Disappear forever into the silence

Fall in love with the temporary

Beauty that thrives in a place like this

Revel in the fleeting freeness

To create without consequence

Splash life on every inch of that stage and watch

It wash away to a clean slate once more

This is a place where every moment

Is pure and original
What happens here lives only here

And dies just as quick

Memories here survive only

Through those fortunate enough

To experience the charm
Of the momentary escapism

Abby Cleaver is an 18-year-old English and Philosophy student at Trinity College Dublin. She has always enjoyed both writing and theatre, and currently her favourite writing medium is poetry. 

'This is the Place' focuses on the beauty of the impermanence of pieces performed in the theatre, and the idea that each audience member will experience something different. It discusses the near unlimited creative freedom you get in a space like theatre to make something completely new, or to change up old ideas.