what lies behind the curtain

By Ciara Breslin

The big red curtains open wide
And the smile on my face is hard to hide

The stage is illuminated with colour and surprise

My excitement and passion never dies.

The feelings I get when I'm near a stage
Will be enfolded to you on this very page
The costume, lights, orchestra and dances
Tell stories of kings, queens and heroes who took chances.

From the moment I enter the theatre door
I fall deeply in love and I am ready to explore
It is my escape from life, and it always will be
As it takes away my worries and leaves me carefree.

The very last feeling is the best of all
The feeling of hope and that it could be me waiting for the call

To stand up on that stage and steal the show,
That is my dream and a feeling that will never go.

Ciara Breslin is a 21-year-old final year Multimedia student ​at DCU. She has been writing poetry from a young age.

'What Lies Behind The Curtain' is a direct response to the prompt: 'What Theatre Means to Me'