bad read

a play by Gabrielle Fullam

BAD READGabrielle Fullam
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Gabrielle Fullam is a 21-year-old Punjabi/Irish writer. She lives in Lucan, with her mam, nanny and big brother. Most of her work relates to these topics. She is a Philosophy and Sociology student at Trinity, and is also a Laidlaw Scholar, conducting academic research into mixed-race experience. She is currently producing a documentary to accompany her research. She loves Time Out bars and describing things as "rogue".

'BAD READ' was a DU Players Women's Week Installation in November 2018. It tracks a woman of colour's commute home. It is simple and uneventful and a little bit cold. It was the first piece of work she produced in DU Players and seems to embody many themes she has since explored thoroughly. It is a jumping off point.