teddy the turtle

By Kevin Murphy

Teddy the Turtle was playful and grand

Teddy the Turtle loved basking on the sand

Teddy dreamed all day and night
Of a future, pure and bright.

Teddy crossed the small beach house

Where the boy with sandy hair stayed
A porch and a bench as grey as a mouse

Where Teddy often played

Teddy crawled along the shore

Exploring further, 'More and more!'

Until his flippers reached the sea

'How fresh it feels for you and me!'

Splish and splash the turtle soared

Through the water was he adored

Teddy dreamed of a bright blue sea

A brighter future for you and me.

Teddy found his trusted friend

Harold the Hermit Crab
They played until the days did end

Hide and seek, catch and grab!

They ended their play, night turned from day

As the turtle bid farewell
To Harold the Crab his ne'er do well
But trusted feisty friend

But what was this? Oh wondrous sight?

That cast a shimmer in the light?

Teddy swam to learn some more

Of the jellyfish, like none before

This jellyfish was pale and white
And what gave Teddy the biggest fright
No eyes nor mouth, no features to study
But the words TOYS R US etched on its body

This ghostly menace had no emotion

Nor friend it seemed, in the whole ocean

It swayed, this phantom, to and fro
And began to descend to Teddy below

It ensnared our hero

This ghostly foe
And dragged him deeper

Below, Below.

The light grew dimmer as Teddy tried

To best this creature, with plastic hide

How could Teddy ever hope to see
A brighter future for you and me?

And Teddy thought, 'Is this the end?

Will this be my watery tomb?'
The plastic bag entangled him
And dragged Teddy to his doom

My grandchild cried 'Enough, no more!'

For he could never believe
This horrid nightmare dystopian world

Of plastic rotting our shimmering sea

'Thank heavens!' how they cried with glee

All the children attending me
For how wondrous a thing it is to see
Our ocean plastic free, year 2053

I step out from my small beach house

Where the boy with sandy hair remained

A porch and a bench as grey as a mouse

Where Teddy often played

I sigh and step out from the porch

To gaze at the ocean blue
And all the Teddies holding a torch

For a future, for me and you.

Kevin Murphy is a recent graduate from NUIG, and is currently applying for theatre directing MAs. 

'Teddy the Turtle' is a poem for a brighter future; a world free of pollution where we are in harmony with nature.