Theatre is

By Sinéad Mooney

Community and coalition.

A soggy bag of chipper chips that goes half-eaten,

A hand jammed into a crumb-lined coat pocket while the social smokers chat shite.

Nervous paces 'round backstage that nearly knock down fragile props,

Dog-eared scripts with panic-produced rips,

Vocal exercises and held breaths.

Battered green room couches and lipstick stains on teeth,

Interval gulps of tea and locked toilet tears.

The entire spectrum of human emotion in a smattering of hours and days.

And the translation of a dozen or so heartbeats,

Into overture,

Into oration,

Into ovation.

Sinéad Mooney is a writer and theatre artist hailing from Naas, Co. Kildare. She is currently in her second year of Communications Studies in Dublin City University. Her poetry has previously appeared in Charmolypi Literary Review, DCU Fotosoc's Connection, and Stoa Collective's Catalyst exhibit. Sinéad's work focuses primarily on themes of identity, change, and connection in the modern era. 

'Theatre Is' is an ode to the little specificities and weird moments of beauty that occur on the day/week of a show run in a theatre, inspired by (and serving as a love letter to) experiences of putting on plays in Newbridge's Riverbank Theatre with Kildare Youth Theatre.